Friday, 8 July 2011

Green enviroment

I was a rubber tree. I come from a forest with full of natural vegetation and unique. Around me are friends I like bananas, durian tree, apple trees and many other friends that  come from a variety of plants. Our life is always peace and harmony as well as animals and insects that often plays around me and make me their home.

Until one day, I listen to screaming for help from my friends, from a distance I saw my friends die cut by a group of people who fell trees without any compassion to us as the trees. One by one in front of my friends in the cut, until my turn I was cut .. Ouchh! the pain felt when the machine is in place cutters in my body, very bitter taste, I shout loudly but I am a rubber tree and no one heard my screams of pain. But the more I was sympathy to animal and insects that make me their home. They lost their homes, screaming for help and ran away, I saw a squirrel in front of me that crushed dead trees, baby birds who had waited for her mother to the feed has also died. People yet do this on our natural environment.

Once my body cut into several parts, I am gathered with friends I also have the cut. Although I have finished the cut, but the pain was still there, such as being cut down. While this pain I see around me, how sad it because I was once living is a dreary place, peaceful, beautiful while animals and insects. but everything was destroyed. Does the all human are cruel like this. I feel so sad, this might be the end of life my way.

After living in align me and the branches and trees burned, environmental changes have occurred, I can feel the temperature in the area was hot, there are also often occurrence of landslides and the landslide had closed the hole drains and ditches but when the rains often flooding, this is all happening because humanity that only catch up without thinking about the impact on the environment. Humans must be responsible! .. Here, I want to remind anyone involved in deforestation or pollution, stop doing cruelty to the environment, not only affects the natural ecosystem but also human!.

In conclusion, God created man at the inheritors of the earth, to preserve natural ecosystems so that all ecosystems on earth in a stable condition also caused people and the environment are interdependent. For those who are involved in deforestation stop before its too late is also wrong at the law.

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