Monday, 13 June 2011

Ella Echanted

        Ella Enchanted is a wonderful modern fantasy story about a young girl who has been cursed since birth.Ella is an outspoken, strong-willed girl who unfortunately is given the gift of obedience by the fairy Lucinda. This spells change for the life of Ella as she is obligated to obey anything that she is told to do, even to the point of endangering her own life.  When  Ella is fifteen years old her mother dies, but before she die she tells Ella she can not tell anyone about the spell for fear that they may use it against her. she loses her mom at a young age and is left by her father at the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. She decides that she must try to find Lucinda and beg her to break the spell.Ella had a prince  whom she loves and shares everything with. Prince has been proposed to her to become his queen. She married the prince and they live happily ever after.

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